Who we are

AdXero® Incentivized Media Distribution is transformative technology that reverses the course of how Consumers, Brands and Distributors are valued in the eco-system.

AdXero® is a patented, incentivized media distribution platform with a front-end app technology that can be integrated directly into a distributor’s Branded mobile and OTT connected SmartTV app, that pays consumers for watching interest category selected Ad content.

How it works

The AdXero® Incentivized media distribution technology seamlessly integrates into payment gateways for distributors that operate subscription-based, loyalty, and streaming services to provide an opt-in platform for consumers to eliminate monthly expense and purchase advertised products and services. Hence, distributors can attract new customers, mitigate churn, and realize growth in membership and subscription ARPU.


Improved ROI

  • AdXero: ROI Improvement
  • Our Adaptive Personalized Information Construct (APIC®) Neural Network technology matches consumer behavior and delivers predictive analytics
  • Adxero's optimized video ad delivery, routing, scheduling and monitoring platform ensures the brand message reaches the intended demographic

Real Analytics

  • Know When your Ad is Viewed by the demographic you selected
  • AdXero Reporting Analytics Include True Response Rate
  • See the moment the Ad is viewed by the selected demographic

Locked-In Users

  • Video Ads via application is Easy and Seamless
  • Consumers watch video Ads in preferred categories
  • Every Ad watched means consumer cash credit on their account
  • The AdXero platform automatically transmits cash credit to user accounts in real-time

Advertisers Dashboard Overview


The AdXero Platform Delivers Verified Ad Views for Marketers

Advertisers can use the patented AdXero® Ad-Portal Dashboard to improve campaign performance geographically, to see exactly how the brand message translates to specific sales.



Ad Campaign Management

Brands can use customer data and insight into consumers’ shopping habits by utilizing the AdXero® Ad-Portal to improve selected demographic campaign results.



The Future of Advertising Means Paying Your Viewers.

The patented AdXero®, incentivized media distribution technology is available for live Beta to distributors of Branded mobile and OTT connected SmartTV apps for streaming AVOD, SVOD, subscription and loyalty platforms that seek to provide an opt-in service for consumers to eliminate monthly expense and purchase advertised products and services. For access to the AdXero® Ad-Portal Platform, contact us below.

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